About Banana Moon Studio Sapporo

Banana Moon Studio Sapporo is a SMALL studio founded by Hiroshi Maeda in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 1990. (Opened a branch studio in Niseko in 1992, Established a group company Banana Moon Co., Ltd. in 2019)
Our mission is a very simple one; to provide multi creative-services for SMALL organizations that possess ambition and sincerity.
Fundamentally, we will work directly with CEOs or those authorized in the decision making process for our clients. This encompasses the definition of SMALL, which is not the volume of sales nor the number of employees.
We understand the value of being SMALL, the happiness of being SMALL, and the freedom from demanding shareholders — a luxury large companies do not have. We strongly believe that there are concepts that can be created by SMALLers simply because you are SMALL. In fact, although not famous nor widely known many of our clients have been awarded prizes in their fields of business not only for their products but also for their ideas in industry service as we have also been awarded in our creative field.
SMALL but captivating, SMALL but at the cutting edge, SMALL but contented, SMALL but…. to you we sing out “Banzai SMALLers!” We are a SMALL studio sharing the values and dreams of SMALLer’s with our SMALL clients.

What we at Banana Moon Studio Sapporo can offer our valued clients

  • For domestic companies/organizations (Japanese companies): to construct/reconstruct their business formations
  • For companies/organizations from foreign countries (non-Japanese companies): to adapt or adjust their business formations for the Japanese market or for Japanese customers
  1. Product (including services) planning , development assistance
    For who? What kind? Of what substance? Of what quality? Of what value?
    What we should offer to consumers or customers, together we conceptualize the product on the whole.
    Based on these concepts we create appropriate product naming, logos ,and packaging.
  2. Sales (including tendering of services) strategy guidance
    For who? By what process? When? Where? In what form?
    Together we conceptualize how we can and should market, what market and what form of sales.
    Based on these concepts we focus on the embodiment of sales development (commercial exhibitors forums) and sales techniques.
  3. Promotion, advertising and public relations assistance
    For who? By what medium? In what form? What kind of presentation?
    Together we conceptualize how we should communicate with stakeholders. Based on these concepts we create appropriate sales promotion tools, advertising, publications and public relations tools.