Hiroshi MAEDA

Representative of Banana Moon Studio Sapporo / Niseko
Producer / director / multi creator
Hiroshi MAEDA
1964, born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
1989, graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Hokkai Gakuen University. 2004, Masters degree at Graduate School of International Media and Communication, Hokkaido University.

Began employment with the publishing company Gakusei Engokai (current company name, Persol Career) simultaneously continuing university studies. In the editing division of the Hokkaido branch was tasked with writing business articles introducing companies for an employment magazine. Duties were then expanded to include illustrations, layouts and camera ready masters for articles. Shortly thereafter writing, drawing, and design tasks were expanded to books and magazines for own articles as well as those of other writers. After gaining relevant skills and experience was assigned a position of editor of employment magazines Daily Arbeit News and DODA, the director of editing of Shushoku Kaitaishinsho, and as the director of the company's publicity and advertising before changing occupations and moving to a design company. There, under the tutelage of the Hokkaido representative art director Takeshi Tamamoto, diligently studied design.

1990, founded Banana Moon Studio Sapporo. 1992, opened a branch studio in Niseko.
Multitasking as director, editor, writer, designer, illustrator, marketer, producer, and researcher.
Working for both domestic organizations (Japanese companies) to construct or reconstruct business formations, and organizations from foreign countries (non-Japanese companies) to adapt or adjust business formations for the Japanese market or Japanese customers by way of:
- product and service planning, development assistance including product and service naming, logo design, and packaging.
- sales and tendering of services strategy guidance including marketing.
- promotions, advertising, and public relations assistance with creative and publication works.

As a designer, approximately 200 selections at domestic and international (Europe, North America, Asia) design competitions for exhibitions and publications such as, International Poster Biennale (IPB) in Warsaw (Poland), Lahiti (Finland) and Korea, International Poster Triennale (IPT) in Hong Kong and Toyama (Japan), New York Art Directors Club Award (USA), Chaumont Festival (France), JAGDA Graphic Design in Japan, Sapporo Art Directors Club Award (Japan), among others, being prize awarded in around 40 of these. Selected by the German design media Hesign, as one of the 'Small Studios - 100 Design Studios of the World.' Design works have been procured as part of collections in museums around the world starting with the National Publicity Museum (Paris, France) and also in Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, China, and Korea among others.

As and writer/editor, works as the editor in chief of a unique free magazine, Sango-shi, which focuses on cottage industry and has had one advertising work chosen as a selected work to appear in the Tokyo Copywriters Club Annual.

In research, Awarded a prize by the Japan Information-Culturology Society.
Published book: Hiroshi Maeda x ICC—Design works for Inter-x-cross Creative Centre 2001-2010, Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation, 2010.
Research Thesis: Branding Design Management—Contributing construction of a dynamic brand with realization of the unification and the consistency of visual expression, Hokkaido University, 2004.
Research Presentation: A specifically implicit model for building a company's brand and the role of the art director. (Japan Information-Culturology Society, Hokkaido)
"Brandlike" design management—Creation and management, evaluation environment. (Hokkaido University and Sapporo City joint symposium)

In a public office role:
Sapporo City's 'Sapporo Ideas City Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Workshops' executive director (2008-2009), 'Sapporo Ideas City Industry Activation Research Committee' committee member (2009), 'Sapporo Ideas City Graphic Design Industry Promotion Conference' committee member (2010-2011) consecutively.

Industry activity and academic conferences:
Served on the editorial committee of Japan Graphic Designers Association (Tokyo, 2004-2008) and also worked on the Hokkaido region's committee for many years. In Sapporo, an integral founding member of Sapporo Art Directors Club (2001) and continues to serve on the committee. Since 2011 has taken on the role as mentor and advising in the core principals and constitution to its successors. Additionally, along with university professors and administrators, industry-academia-government cooperation assisted in the establishment of Sapporo Media Art Forum and presently serving on the committee of the organization.
In an academic role, was responsible for special lectures and guest lectures at Hokkaido University, Sapporo Otani University, and Hokusho University among others.

Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies, Japan Information-Culturology Society, France-Japan Society of Sapporo, Japan Graphic Designers Association, Sapporo Art Directors Club, and Sapporo Media Art Forum.


Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
Studied Graphic Design at Hakkaido Institute of Design. While studying received in house design awards on multiple occasions and graduation art work was awarded first prize (the best work prize).
2015, Beacme a member of the team at Banana Moon Studio Sapporo. As assistant to Hiroshi Maeda accumulated experience and in 2017 achieved selected work at Sapporo Art Directors Club Awards (for a sweets packaging design). In that same year was promoted from Assistant Designer to Designer.


Assistant Designer
Born in Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan.
2015, graduated from Hakkaido Institute of Design.
After working at an editorial design company became a member of the team at Banana Moon Studio Sapporo.

Kumiko MAEDA

Accounting manager / production manager
Kumiko MAEDA
Born in Haboro, Hokkaido, Japan.
1990, in partnership with Hiroshi Maeda founded Banana Moon Studio Sapporo.
2019, CEO of a group company Banana Moon Co., Ltd.